UX / UI Lead  ‧ 2015

Athena was my senior capstone project, and is a social application targeted towards girls 9–17 dealing with the struggles of growing up. The app revolves around the theory that when it comes to good advice, girls lean on each other and take one another’s word at great value. With Athena, the guidebook to growing up is all in one place, and a community of young girls and professionals can come together to make the confusing process of growing up an easier undertaking.

In the end, Athena strives to form a positive relationship with technology in the age of cyber-bullying, and most importantly to form a comfortable community of strong women that can develop positive self-images for themselves that they take with them into their adult lives.

Athena was presented at UWM's Design Entrepreneur Showcase on December 5th, 2013 and was the recipient of a scholarship generously supplied by UWM's School of Information Sciences.